How to use Count and Clip Cards

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Count and clip cards are a fun and easy way to teach young children counting and number recognition skills.

They typically consist of a set of cards featuring a number of illustrations on the top and three number options on the bottom.

Small objects, such as clothespins or mini erasers, are placed onto one of the number options on the bottom of the card to indicate which one corresponds with the number of illustrations shown on the card.

How to use count and clip cards:

Prepare by choosing a set of cards with numbers that are appropriate for your child's skill level. (For example, if your child is just learning to count, you might start with cards that go from 1-5.)

Place a container with several small objects, such as clothespins, clips or mini erasers next to the cards.

  1. Have your child choose a card.
  2. Ask your child to count the number of items shown on the card and point to the corresponding number from the bottom of the card.
  3. Have them clip the clothespin or place the object on their answer.

    Repeat the process with different count and clip cards, gradually increasing the numbers as your child becomes more confident.

    Encourage your child to say the number out loud as they place the clip/object on the card. 

    That's it!

    You can switch it up with different actions.

    Instead of clipping a clothespin, try having your child smoosh a small ball of playdough on the correct number using their thumb (laminated cards work best with playdough!)

    Or try using a small item that coordinates with the card (seashells for see cards, acorns for autumn cards etc.)

      Count and clip cards are a fun and interactive way to help young children develop their math skills. If you have a child who thrives with hands-on learning activities, these would be a great option. 

      They can be used at home or in a classroom setting and can be easily adapted to suit different skill levels and learning styles.


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