How to Print a Giant Coloring Poster

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Intimidated by getting something so large printed? Wondering how much it costs? It can actually be really simple and affordable!

Here's exactly what I did to get my Giant Coloring Posters printed online at Staples.

Giant Coloring Poster

A quick note: make sure your document is designed to print at a large size. If the file is designed for large format printing at a high resolution, the lines should come out clean and crisp! (All of my Coloring Posters are designed to be printed up to 36"x48")

Let's get started.

Head over to Document Printing at

1. Choose the “Blueprint” or “Engineering Print” option (they are the same thing, it just is called one or the other depending on where you live).

2. Upload your file - they accept .jpg & .pdf along with several other common file formats.

Once you upload your file, hit “continue” and you’ll go through these options:

a. Layout/Paper size: 
Scale to fit: check this option to make the image cover the entire page. If this is unchecked, the file will preview at it’s actual size, whether smaller or larger.
Here are the size options with the current prices for black and white printing at my local Staples (the default price is for color ink but you’ll select your choice on the next page).
  • 18”x24” (Arch C) $1.89
  • 24”x36” (Arch D) $3.78
  • 30”x42” (Arch E1) $5.67
  • 36”x48” (Arch E)  $7.56
b. Ink:
Color or black and white.
c. Add ons:
Want to be able to reuse your poster? Try lamination! 
For the smallest size (18”x24”) add $6 for standard lamination, and $ 9 for heavy duty. For the largest size (36” x 48”) add $24 for standard lamination and $35 for heavy duty.
You can also choose to have your poster mounted on foam board. 
d. Quantity:
I ordered an extra poster and am about to drop it off on a friend’s front porch for a fun surprise!

And that’s it! 

You just choose between delivery and pick up and pay online or at the store. (They will email you when your order is ready for pick up) 

It’s SO easy, and your kiddos will love it! 

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  • This is so cool! I am curious about what you use to color on it with? Is it thick paper that can handle markers or do crayons or pencils work best?

    Rebecca on
  • I love how easy this is.
    I will gift the fairy poster to my preschool graduates in June. So beautiful, thank you.

    Heather Kamala on
  • Very good

    Bahar on

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