Nature Alphabet Guide

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**Individual letter units are released weekly, we started with "A is for Acorn" on November 11, 2022.

Using the alphabet as a simple framework, we’ll explore nature topics from A-Z
Designed for use with multiple ages/learning levels. The Nature Alphabet Guide is aimed towards preschool through second grade and the activities are fun for all ages to join in.


Want to look inside? 

Watch a video overview of the first letter unit A is for Acorn!

Each letter unit is a 40-50 page .pdf including:
  • parent guide
  • weekly planning pages
  • themed learning pack (alphabet chart, editable menu cover, nature poem, coloring pages, editable sight word cards, tracing pages, flashcards and more.)
  • four simple, low-prep activities with step-by-step photo instructions (some with video tutorials too)
  • curated vintage prints to create your own wall display
  • recommend book list for each topic

    Want to check it out first?

    You can purchase an individual letter unit M is for Moth to look inside.


      How does this work?

      You'll receive your Starter Kit at purchase (14 pdf files, over 250 pages.) along with all letter units that have already been released (we started with "A is for Acorn" on Nov 11.)

      You'll receive all newly released letter units via email every Friday until you have the complete Nature Alphabet Guide!

      Your Starter Kit includes:

      • master alphabet theme list
      • master book list
      • weekly planning pages
      • new giant coloring poster and 26 coloring pages (includes all letters and themes)
      • nature alphabet flashcards (our original set with some letters updated for this guide)
      • letter outlines, ABC flashcards, copywork pages and more.

      Visit our FAQ page for more common questions and answers about the Nature Alphabet Guide! 


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