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A printable letter-writing subscription for kids.

Penpal Clubhouse helps you send mail to those you love.

When was the last time you actually mailed a letter?

Can't remember? You're in the right place! Penpal Clubhouse provides your family with fun weekly letter templates & coloring pages delivered straight to your inbox. This subscription provides the structure you need to develop the habit of mailing letters to your loved ones every single week!

Weekly Letter Packs!

Weekly Letter Packs make writing fun for your kiddos. Coloring pages for your youngest kids, guided journal-style pages for beginning writers and lined paper for actual letter-writing. Each page is thoughtfully designed to appeal to kids ages 2-8! 

Black and white printing.

Easy on the ink! Hand-illustrated pages feature a different theme each week, from activities like camping, hiking and fishing, to moths, forest creatures and the night sky. Simply download and print the black and white pages. Your child adds the color, you add the stamp and off it goes!

For families who care about staying in touch.

kids ages 2-8

Coloring pages & letter templates with fun themes that your kids will love!


We help you mail letters every single week. No more mom guilt!

family & friends

Grandparents and long-distance friends will be delighted!


When you join the club, you'll receive our Welcome Pack straight away. This includes a parent guide, letter tracker and address book plus plenty of fun printables to keep your kiddos busy until Monday when your first Weekly Letter Pack arrives!

Weekly Letter Packs include pages formatted for three different levels.

  • Coloring Page: perfect for little ones who aren’t writing yet, but love to color!
  • Journal Page: includes thoughtful writing prompts as well as places to draw. Just right for your kiddos who are writing words but aren’t ready to write an entire letter. 
  • Lined Paper: for your budding writers who know what they want to say! 

Each Letter Pack also includes a coordinating cover (which can be used as an additional coloring page) and an illustrated envelope template (easy to cut and assemble, if desired.) Bonus activity pages are included in some packs as a fun surprise!


It's simple. Each week you'll receive two emails:

  • one on Monday with your new Letter Pack.
  • one on Friday with a friendly reminder to put it in the mail!

Your kids will look forward to their new Letter Pack every week, and your loved ones will be so happy to receive their sweet notes and artwork. All our best tips for making mail time a regular part of your week are included our parent guide!  

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